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Hi, I’m Sondra! I’m here to help you find your full potential in and outside the home with easy, simple tips, and strategies to make you and your home shine. So lovely to meet you!

My Story

I think it started in high school when the time machine hit me, causing me to search for vintage. Tastes change with time, but what doesn’t change is style.

And style is what I’m passionate about providing you with ideas to make your home shine.

I have a gut feel for things and have an eye for details because details are the main ingredient in the pudding of home success.

That’s why I write SLWrites.

I’m Sondra Lovell, and I look forward to providing you excellent content on all things that make your surrounding as beautiful as you are.

My Values & Beliefs


I pay attention to the little details that make up the big picture. To be mindful means to take things slow and adjust with a soft touch that’s usually the exact thing that’s needed.


If there’s a job to do in the home and it feels right, it will be more comfortable to tackle. So we keep things easy and straightforward. “There’s beauty in simplicity,” as my mother always said.


Being positive is an important trait I hold dear. By being positive, I find my clients are more receptive to change, and easier to envision what is possible.

My Approach

I focus on home decor details and lifestyle coordination with a sense of color and shape. I want you to feel harmony in your home with simple and playful designs that provide happiness and joy. 

I am drawn to muted colors: soft greens, vibrant pinks, and shallow yellows that bring out the beauty in your home.

But it’s not just about quality furniture and good carpets and flooring. It’s also about the way your backyard feels, the look of your front porch, and the design of open space.

It’s all in the details, darling, where you might not realize that smudge on your carpet is causing disharmony, or the chip on your kitchen granite creates a break in your mental flow.  I help you see these details and decide what’s important to you before you may realize it yourself. I look forward to hearing from you.

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