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Do you wake up in the morning with a runny nose, itchy red eyes, sneezing or nasal congestion? 🤧

Well, you’re not alone because bed mites are increasing!

Mites allergy has become more common because mites are easier to survive in modern homes with good insulation. Almost half of all children who have allergy problems are allergic to mites and allergy usually begins in childhood or adolescence, but can also come later in life.

A recent study shows three out of four children wake up with morning sniffing and closer to every fifth person as often as at least once a week. 63% of respondents do not know how to prevent or treat these symptoms.

So keep reading to learn what to do!

Vacuum the Bed!

Your bed 🛌 is the largest source of mites in your home, as mites thrive with moisture and heat. If you are allergic to mites, you usually experience the symptoms in the morning, as mites gather in the bed where you sleep.

Most people are good at washing the sheets and blankets, but forget about the bed itself, the survey explains. You should vacuum both the bed and mattress at least every fourteen days to decrease the number of mites.

Sadly, mites cannot be avoided entirely, but you can significantly decrease them with these tips:

  • Have adequate ventilation in the bedroom.
  • Keep the room temperature cool.
  • Vent to lower the humidity.
  • Wash bedding in cold water.
  • Do not allow the bedroom to become dusty.
  • Vacuum the mattress once a week and switch out the bedding.

Is your nose always stuffy in the morning? Now you know why!